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We understand the importance of protecting your brand identity and ensuring that your intellectual property is secure. Our team of experts specializes in offering comprehensive trademark services, from Trademark search to allotment and more, to safeguard your business interests.

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    Our Trademark Services

    Before you embark on your registration process, it is crucial to conduct a thorough trademark search. Our expert team will assess the availability of your desired trademark, ensuring that it is unique & not infringing on existing trademarks.

    Our team will guide you through the entire trademark registration procedure, from preparing & filing the application to responding to any queries from the authorities. We are committed to making the registration process smooth & efficient.

    Protecting your trademark does not end with registration. Applylegal offers ongoing monitoring services to track any potential infringements. We keep our vigilant eye on new applications & marketplace activities to safeguard your brand.

    Trademarks require periodic renewal to maintain their validity. We manage the renewal process, ensuring that your trademarks stay in force & continue to offer you with exclusive rights.

    For businesses with numerous trademarks, managing the portfolio can be a complex task. Applylegal simplifies this procedure by offering comprehensive portfolio management services, including updates, changes, & strategic advice.

    In the unfortunate event of trademark infringement, our legal team is prepared to take action to protect your rights. We provide enforcement services and, if necessary, can represent you in trademark litigation.

    Registration Steps: Trademark

    Name/Brand or Logo

    Identification of Brand/name or logo of your dream company.

    Preliminary Check

    Not all marks are eligible for trademark protection. Ensure that your mark meets the criteria set forth by the relevant authorities.

    Document collation

    We will request you few basic documents to set it for filing the application.

    File Trademark Application

    We shall submit the trademark application .on your belalf.

    Examination Process

    Once application is filed, the examiner examines the filed application.

    Respond to Office Actions (if any)

    We shall address the issues and provide necessary clarifications or amendments if needed.

    Publication and Opposition Period

    After successfully clearing the examination stage, your trademark application is published in the official gazette or registry

    Registration & Renewal

    Upon completion of the opposition period and meeting all requirements, your trademark is officially registered

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    Documents Needed to start.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Usually the trademark registration takes 8 to 12 months, however depending on the issues and objection raised, it may take upto 18 months to get the trademark registered.

    TM Stands for Trademark application successfully filed and R stands for Trademark successfully registered. Once Applylegal files your trademark application you may start using the mark TM till the trademark is registered.

    Any person who is an individual, a company, a proprietor or a legal entity claiming to be owner of the trademark can apply for trademark.

    Validity of trademark is 10 years from the date of application. The trademark can renewed indefinitely by paying renewal fees in every 10 years.

    Yes, Trademarks are territorial in nature and must be filed in the countries the applicant seeks for protection.

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