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We are motivated to make all your legal and financial needs simpler.

Applylegal is the next generation tools to simplify your legal and financial needs without leaving your desk at work or bed at home. We provide end service for all kinds of professional works.

Our Services

Business Funding
Starting from project report to final funding. Our team is there to assist you at every step
Business Registration
Our expert team is there to support you for the fastest and most convenient registration
Tax Filings
Starting from personal tax filing to corporate. It only gets simple and easy with our service
GST Assignment
Eliminate the complexities of GST filings with our express and secure service
Trademarks & Copyrights
We understand the value of your intectual property. With our services, get easy hold of your copyrights and trademarks.
Legal Matters
No matter what, we are always there to support you for all your company legal matters with our team of expert lawyers
Why Choose Us
Find the Best Fit
Now, obviously There are hundreds of financial and legal issues to take care of, we understand your situation and allot our best suitable person according to area of practice, experience and location to take over the challenge.
Save Time & money
We promise you a hassle free experience which will save you substantial time and effort in finding the professional and getting the work done. Through our upfront and transparent pricing options, we protect you from any arbitrary pricing and ensure the most value for your money.
Quality Guaranteed
We strive to ensure that the quality is delivered more than expected. To live up to the same, we shall have a Satisfaction guaranteed policy, where if the service was not delivered as communicated we shall be refunding whole of the professional fees paid to Applylegal. Detail shall follow when the website is launched.
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