Rental Agreement

What is Rental Agreement?

It is an agreement between the owner of the property and the tenant which basically states the consideration, duration and important terms of use of the said property.
Here Rights and Obligations and terms of both the parties are established.
Usually it is made for 11 months in most part of India, and duration longer than that needs to be registered.

Advantages of Rental Agreements.

  • Established terms – Less chances of Fraudulent episodes, Protects the rights of both the parties.
  • When a whole asset of the landlord is involved, it is always wise to protect the deal legally for unwanted comings.
  • One of the documents required for claiming tax benefits.

How can Applylegal help?

  • We will provide free consultation for preparation of the agreement.
  • We shall Get your case reviewed by a lawyer
  • We shall share the final agreement after discussing the same with you.

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