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Partnership is an arrangement in which two or more partners manage and operate a business and share the profits. Specifically, in a partnership all partners share responsibility and benefits, while in other businesses the partners' liability may be limited.

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    Registration Steps: Partnership Firm


    Legal requirements such as Number of Directors, Number of shareholders, minimum paid-up share capital have been fulfilled

    DSC & DIN

    Only a natural person can be a Director not any individual or entities like the LLPs or Financial institutions.

    Office Registration

    The Registered office address has to be registered with the Registrar of Company under whose jurisdiction the office falls.

    Company Name

    The name of the Company has to be approved by the ROC. For a Public Limited Company, the name must end with the word "Limited".

    Name Approval

    A list of preferred names will be filed in the RUN form of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs

    MoA & AoA

    Once the name of the Company has been approved the crucial documents, MoA and AoA need to be executed.

    Submission to ROC

    Once the submission & verification is done the ROC issue the incorporation certificate along with the CIN of the Company

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    Documents Needed to setup.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Unlike sole proprietorships (where the business owns and controls) and corporations (separate legal entities), partnerships share ownership and liability of the partners.

    Income distribution is determined according to the conditions determined in the partnership deed. Partners may agree to share equally or differently based on their contributions, responsibilities, or other agreements.

    Yes, a partnership can have more than two partners. The number of partners may vary depending on the law and the conditions specified in the partnership.

    Dissolution of a partnership can occur for a variety of reasons, and the process is usually specified in the partnership agreement. It usually involves settling debts, dividing assets, and fulfilling legal obligations.How to cancel collaboration?

    In general, a partner cannot transfer his own property rights without the permission of the other partner, unless otherwise provided in the partnership.

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