Business Funding

Why Finance?

Obviously because we need money to convert our dreams to reality, be it growing our small business to a large successful venture or buying a home that we always thought of.


What is Financial Management?

Case 1 

Your existing business can generate a sum of let say 50,000 Rs Per month, which qualifies you to take a loan of Rs 10 Lakhs and to further grow your business to Rs 60,000 per month after deducting all your monthly expenses. But instead you take a loan of Rs 20 Lakhs, putting all your personal, family and fixed needs into jeopardy and an additional headache of repaying the term loan.   You are in danger.


Case 2 

In the above case lets say you take a loan of Rs 5 lakhs, because of which you are not able to fruitfully grow your business, resulting in additional emi burden without any grow in business. – You are in danger

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Financial management is concerned with optimum procurement as well as usage of finance. We are here to provide you financial management service and to get your funding done in a hassle free way

Types of Finances
  1. Business Finance – To name few Term loan, working capital loans, buyers credit, etc
  2. Housing Loan
  3. Personal Loan
  4. Over draft
  5. Agricultural loan
  6. Angel Investors

What usually gets funded?

  • Scalable Businesses
  • Experienced Management Teams
  • Growing Markets
  • Proprietary & Defensible Technology
  • Profitable Economic Model
  • Executable Business Plan

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