Never miss paying and Filing of business consistence contribution.

Now you can easily integrate the compliance due dates with your google calendar with just one click.
Tap on the “add to your calendar”. When you are on the applylegal Google calendar page,
tap on at the  base of the page, to incorporate the dates onto your Google Calender.
Easy tracking

You get all consistence dates at one place. We cover all the compulsory compliance’s a business needs to satisfy.

Regular Updates

You require not keep a tab on all the administration refreshes. Every one of the dates will be refreshed as and when the administration refreshes it.

Email Reminders

Get updates as messages before the due dates. What’s more, you have the choice to set the update as per your accommodation.

Click this button

What you get

You get the payment and filing due dates for the following.

  1. Goods and Services Tax
  2. Registrar of Companies
  3. Professional Tax
  4. Provident Fund
  5. Employees’ State Insurance
  6. Tax Deducted at Source
  7. Income Tax
  8. Advance Tax

How to integrate it with your google calendar?

Click on the “add to your calendar”. Once you are on the Applylegal Google calendar page, click on  at the bottom of the page, to integrate the dates onto your Google calendar.

The next step is to enable the notifications

  • Go to settings of the Google calendar (top right).
  • Under “Settings for my calendars”, click on Compliance Calendar.
  • Click “Add notification” under Event Notification.
  • The default notification is for 10 days (before the due date) or you can set it according to your preference.